Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simply thrifty...

Ok so, I've been finding amazing finds at the thrift stores lately... I mean, AMAZINGLY GOOD prices and quality stuff! Today, I needed to run to errands. One to the Goodwill & one to Ulta. The reason I was going to the goodwill is because I wanted to find some cute little red shoes to wear with my outfit for the LADY GAGA concert, this upcoming Saturday. I'm happy to report, I found TWO pairs that I love! I also found a cute pair of robins egg blue heels, some roxy slip on flats & an adorably embellished pair of flip flops...

Next, I thought, well gosh, I have all these cute shoes, MAYBE, by chance, they'll actually have some cute dresses that fit me. SCORE! They did...

I just love this tunic. I'm going to pair it with a pair of leggings and yellow heels... *swoon*! $4.00
I want to add too, this is something that I normally shouldn't purchase, because its a couple sizes too big. Right? WRONG! I should buy it because even though its actually a shirt for a larger woman, I will wear it as a tunic/dress. :) Try things on. If you like the print, it just might work for you if you're creative. I just love this.

Ok, how cute is this? Pardon my girls kinda hanging out the top there! I love this little black dress. Believe it or not, until just now, I didn't own a simple little black dress. This one is so comfortable because its 100% cotton. the length is perfect too. Its not embellished what-so-ever so it would be super easy to combine with a lot of different things to make multiple outfits. I love it. :)

I am in love with the romantic look a vintage type dress has too it. This picture doesn't flatter the dress very well, but it has beautiful little pleats all the way around it and its like a robins egg moss color. This would be very cute with a belt around it & I own the perfect belt & the dress would go beautifully with the new shoes that I purchased up above!

Um, HELLO! Purple-y-ish dress? LOVES IT!

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