Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simply an update...

So, I went in to a dermatologist today... WOW... that was a task!

Originally every single office from North of my city to South to East (there is nothing west) told me that the earliest they could be me in was in MAY. Its March... I can't wait a month. One of the offices agreed to take my phone number & contact me if they had any cancellations. At 1:00, I was called & told they had an opening for 2:00. So yay! I went in.

Turns out I am in fact having an allergic reaction to... something... I have two prescriptions now. So we'll see how this turns out! He said it could take up to 3 to 4 weeks to have it all cleared up. I did tell him that I needed to be able to wear make up and look/feel normal ASAP. He told me that as soon as my face is no longer red/hot I could start wearing make up again. That's more good news! He did tell me that if I was going to wear cosmetics/sprays/etc, to try them on my elbow pit because that skin is similar to your facial skin.

I'll keep you all updated...



Simply colorful...

"You make the world more beautiful just by living in it..."

"Everything has beauty, just not everyone sees it..."

"Hello, beautiful..."

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simply ugly...

Ok. So, I hope this doesn't come acrossed as shallow of me, but I can not stand the thought of showing my face in public right now. Heres why...

Sunday morning, I woke up & my face felt warm. I didn't notice anything visibly wrong with it, it just felt warm to the touch. I put a cool wash cloth on it and that seemed to sooth it very nicely. After I felt a little better, I decided that I would straighten up the living room a bit. I pulled everything off the surfaces & dusted it all, then settled down on the couch to watch episodes of Season 2 of "Breaking Bad".

As the day went on, my face started to feel hotter and started to burn a bit. Initially I was using the coolness of my hands to rest on my face and then I got a wash cloth wet with cold water & used that. Before bed I took some benedryl (spelling?) and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and my eyes were swollen nearly shut. I got up and wandered around the house and I think from having my body up-right, that helped bring the swelling down a lot. My face was crazy red and I had to get ready for work.

I went to work until about 11:00 am & the entire morning I kept using a hot wash cloth on my face. Then I got a bloody nose (i think it was related to the hotness of my face, who knows). I was soooo hot and uncomfortable that I went to the urgent care. I ended up waiting there for about 45 minutes before anyone could see me. The Dr. said that I was having a contact-allergic-reaction. I guess meaning its something that I came in contact with, vs. something that I ate. Who knows what it is, right? I mean, I didn't use any new products (except a yummy lip plumper from Vicky's Secrets - smells like cotton candy!) and I hadn't been around anything new... I have NO clue whats causing this. I went home. Slept. Slept some more.

This morning I woke up & I just look frightful. I could not imagine going to work or out in public looking like this! The heat is gone in my face, thank GOD... so atleast Im not dealing with that uncomfortableness. But its sensitive to the touch & is centralizing around my nose, cheeks, eyes & forehead.



So to go back to my initial comment, I am DEPRESSED about the way I look! I haven't felt so ugly in years & I just want it to go AWAY. ASAP.