Monday, August 16, 2010

Simply heartit...

In my dream world, I'd be able to wake up to water outside my house, and I'd do just this. It doesn't have to be the ocean... It could be a lake, a river, a pond...Just a body of water. I'm a water baby and theres something sooo thereputic for me when it comes to water. I feel like it flushes my soul of the stress I go through & I'm able to breath again. This, is heaven.

Puppies, need no explanation as to why I love them. I mean, really? They are perfect. Their cute little bodies, their curiosity, their breath, kisses & playfullness... Little darlings...xoxo

Perfect idea. Out door reading space in the middle nowhereness? Yesssssssssss...I vote for having a rug though... you know that straw is hurting this girls feets.

*swwwoooooon* Vintage cameras, old quilt, picnic basket, soda in a BOTTLE, fruit & books...This picture makes me sad that its already 7:01pm because I want to go sit outside right now and just be.

Miley, is a doll. I mean not the Hannah Montana version - the almost adult version. How cute is she? Coming of age and blossoming in to one of the most beautiful girls ever, shes just darling. :)

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