Friday, August 27, 2010

Simply necessary items for a summer concert...

While I am not a HUGE beer fan, beer at an outdoor summer concert seems very necessary. It feels good to down a nice cold one while waiting for the concert to start. And, beer is always fun to hold up for pictures as an accessory. ;)

Sunglasses. Helllooooooooo... Who wants to be stuck outside in the summer without sunglasses? These can also be helpful in places where its windy & dirts getting kicked up in your face. Protect those eyes my lovelies. :)

Trust me... You do NOT want to sit on the bare ground of any concert venue... There is EVERYTHING on EVERY square inch of that ground. Don't touch it. Blankets are a must. One to lay on, one to snuggle up in. Don't forget. And, if you're road tripping to the venue, dont forget another blanket & a pillow for the car ride... comfy!

Water...OMG..Water. Don't forget this. Nothing is worse than not having any water, feeling dehydrated, then having to walk your dehydrated ass alllllllllllll the way back to the water stand. And, if you can refill your water bottle, do it. You know that its just way too over priced to buy a new bottle each time. As a side note, how CUTE are these bottles? :)

Friends. Nothing is better than enjoying a show with the most special people in your life.

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