Monday, August 30, 2010

Simply the Keith Urban & John Mayer Concert Featuring the Avett Brothers

My outfit for the concert... golden flats, black leggings with lace down the side, White tank with a neutural sweater.
We stopped off in Euphrata since we were running so early... It really does look like a down in Cali.. kinda cute, kinda weird... Nothing to do...

Yeah, we were pretty much in the front of the line to get in because thats how I roll... ;)
View from the top of the amphitheater
We got upgraded to the floor :) :) :)
Opening act: Avett Brothers
Well, hello. :)
The sunset was gooooorgeous!
Yeah, I was THAT close to Keith Urban... Are you jealous? You should be. :)
John Mayer

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