Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simply make up...

I went to ulta today... I participate in the ulta rewards program & I was level 10, so I was able to get TWO freebies from the Ulta rewards points. But wait... it gets better...

Here are the two items I chose. Level 6 offered a free fragrance up to a $45.00 value, so I chose "Very Hollywood" by Michael Kors. Its lovely, fruity, sweet & nice. Next, from level 4, I chose the ulta brand liquid foundation. I am leary of trying a store brand make up, but I hope its quality. I'll let you know. :)

Then, I purchased some additional items, which totalled more than $18 out of the Ulta brand, so THEN I got this free make up set & bag, for FREE :) Its an $89.00 value, free. It includes a free bag, mirror, two nail polishes, two eye shaddow kits, lip stick, lip gloss, eye liner in brown & black, bronzer, blush and a set of make up brushes. Score. :)

THEN, since I bought (got for free with my rewards) the Michael Kors fragrance, I got to pick out a FREE rolling travel bag. How adorable is this thing? Its the perfect size to carry all of my make up and hair stuff and some accessories too.

Finally, here are the other products that I purchased. Eye lashes for the GaGa concert, blush, smokey eye shadow colors, eye liner, mascara, lip stick x 2, nail polish & bronzer.

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