Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simply thrifting...

Forgive the quality of the pictures. Its very hard to take pictures of yourself in a mirror & combat the flash & poor lighting & angles! UGH! But, here are some of the treasures I found in my thrifting today. Overall I'm very happy!

 My first 100% wool sweater. loves it. It has abaloni type buttons too.

 Paris top

 Brand new designer sweater (im so tired, can't remember the designer right now)

 Victoria's Secret dress

 Huge oversized robe that will be SO warm on these cold winter days after the bath/shower

Coldwater creek shawl thats never been worn, new with tags on it

 The cutest new glasses, ever.
MrWhiskers new food bowl

 Scrapbook ephemera

 Using this to organize my clutches & bracelets in my closet

 Going to use this to organize scrapbook paper

A really large hat box. I might recover it in sheet music & use it to hold my scrapbook embellishments.


  1. Don't let Desiree see that last bit... she will have your head over destroying good sheet music! :)

    I think that one of these times I go to Spokane I shall kidnap you and make you take me thrifting to show me how it's done!


  2. haha, YES! Of course, any time! I have my favorite little places & alwayss try to figure out when their sales are (50% off, etc...) and try to stretch my dollar!

    As far as the music goes, I LOVE it for scrapbooking & have seen some really cute craft ideas for it as well. Does Des play piano??