Monday, September 6, 2010

Simply my new scrapbook room...

This is the new ceiling light on the landing where I have the scrapbook area. It was so inexpensive, like $25.00. Its suprisingly bright and definately serves its purpose. I love that I can point the track lights at whatever I need accentuated.

This was a rack that I had in a storage closet for-ev-er! I'm glad that it can finally serve a purpose in my scrapbook area. Right now, it just is kinda holding randomness. But as time goes on I'm sure each shelf will have a specific purpose. I love feeling organized.

Well here it is ladies & gentlemen! The scrapbook landing. Its kind of put together. I'll tell you a bit about everything from left to right. See that painting? One of my best friends Natasha did that for my as a birthday gift. Its in the scrapbook area to serve as artistic inspiration. Under that, is a fan. There is no forced air on the second floor and no AC, so this will help me out on the warmer days. That metal stick like thing on the wall is actually a picture holder. I thought it could hold pictures and tickets and things that I get along my journies that I would like to scrapbook. That HUGE chair is an old chair that my mom redid for me years ago. I've been thinking about doing it in a zebra print and painting the wood black.

Speaking of painting, the trim colors in this room were here when we moved in. I would not choose these. Eventually before we move, these will be painted & more modernized.

The last thing I'll explain is the board over the stair well. The desk that I have is not large enough to scrapbook on. And to be honest, that area would not hold a larger desk, its very very narrow. So to expand my work space, we bought a piece of wall from lowes and turned it upside down. We put a piece of molding underneath it to hold it up and now it allows for a much larger work space.
My desk with a view in to the neighbors back yard so I can watch their chickens :)

Temporary clutter... eventually there will be a flat screen in this corner to use with the dvd player you see here.
I just love this space so far. Continue to inspire me my friends so that I continue to get much use out of it.


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