Friday, September 24, 2010

Simply blissful Friday...

WOW. What a peaceful Friday morning! I woke up and played some facebook games... I then got ready for my appointment. I wanted to try laser hair removal and had a MEGA special deal a few weeks ago for 6 sessions for $90.00 vs. the normal $1000.00 it would normally cost. I couldn't pass that up! The shop is located on the south hill and the people are really nice. Its the southhill medi spa. The whole process was probably less than 10 minutes, but it is super painful. I'm not gonna lie. That shit hurt. 5 more sessions to go! They also had these really yummy fall scented diffusers, 2 for $20. I bought two.

Then I went to Starbucks & got a pumpkin spice latte.. mmm...

Then I went to the little thrift store that I love downtown. I bought a zebra print top, and what I THOUGHT was a zebra print skirt (not to wear together, to wear seperate), but I think its actually a tube top... I might have to make some modifications to it so that I can wear it for a skirt with leggings. I bought some adorable red heals to wear tomorrow with my black dress for my luncheon. I also bought a silver cupcake stand that is really cute. It actually has a "V" at the top. It was meant to be mine! I also got a crocodile skin leather purse (dont think its real, but not sure). I got a pack of old vintage books that are super cute too. I'm going to use some of them to scrapbook with and others just to keep for drawing insipration. I love adorable vintage drawings. Oh, and I found the perfect green painting for the guest room. I then got a fur vintage hat that is small and pins to your pretty.

Then I went to Celebrations, my favorite bakery. I bought 1 of each of the 4 cream cheese frosting flavors they had day, can't wait to try them later. Then, the owner told me that I had won their drawing last week for something! Shes going to facebook me later today I think to tell me what I won. I just love that place. :)

Then I went to Northwest Christian Thrift and got two adorable vintage cameras, a red purse thats unused, a koala scarf, gosh what else... Oh some sheet music and time cards that i'll use for scrapbooking... and a turtle necklace.

All and all it has been a great day :) I'm gonna nap now. xoxo

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