Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simply, I need to make some changes...

So without boring you with the details, I go to the dr tomorrow to more than likely, obtain some pretty bad test results. I had some blood tests ran to check for normal fat girl issues; cholesterol, blood sugar, etc... and there are apparently 4 results that have come back, less than desirable. So, I have a 45 minute meeting with a Dr in the morning to discuss.

Am I suprised? Not REALLY. I mean, I'm over weight, so I knew I would have maybe high cholesterol or something, but I've been trying lately (again) to better manage what goes in to my body and I thought I was doing good. I didn't realize that I may have completely messed my body up. I could go on & on with how anxious I feel & bla bla bla... But I just want to say, I know I need to make some changes. I know I need to not fail this time. I know I need to learn a lot. I know. But it doesn't make the news any less sad for me. Thanks for your support. Bye lovelies.. xoxo

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  1. Hey girl! Regards from Chile! I would only say, I don´t know you, but for some reason I follow your blog, sometime I found something interesting you said and added you to my list of reading blogs I follow.
    And now, about what you are saying in this post. I have reacently quit smoking, drinking and even drinking some coffee. Just because it´s not good for myself, but more than that, because life is just now, you would never get back, that doesn't exists, the thing is now and the world needs us to be more simple on our way of living this wonderful life. So I don´t eat shit, because it's no necessary for us, think of that, world and mostly life needs us to be more simple, nothing else than that.

    A hug from chile,best of luck for you.

    Simple life, simply life.


  2. Daniel,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment, from Chile none the less :) I am in love with seeing where around the world people read my blog. So again, thank you for commenting!

    Congrats on quiting all of your vices! It must be really hard, especially the smoking/drinking part, beacuse I know you probably have a lot of friends who still do those things & it's hard to say no. But it sounds like you've made the decision that it's just not something you're going to put your body through. KEEP IT UP! :) You've just added 10 years to your life I bet.

    In regards to eatting, I am trying to look at it as food is fuel, not pleasure. So far so good! I'm beginning to not have sweet cravings any more which feels awesome & I'm noticing that atleast during the day, I feel like I have more energy. I'll be creating another blog, where I'll be updating my progress & for a place for my followers to hold me accountable for my actions. And just a place for everyone to discuss their own struggles as well. Feel free to follow :)

    Best of luck to you & yours!