Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goal Setting

Heres a summary of what I learned today...

Goal Setting

1. Goals should be your own. If you're losing weight to please your husband, you're more likely to fail.

2. Goals should be specific. "I want to exercise more" isn't specific, where as "I want to exercise 4 times this week for 15 minutes each time" is.

3. Goals should be achievable. If you're just starting to power-walk, you shouldn't set a goal to power-walk every day for 2 hours. Instead, start of slow & work your way up.

4. Goals should specify a completion date or time frame. For example, "Over the course of the next week, I want to exercise 4 times for 20 minutes each time"

Staying Fit

1. Choose the right equipment. If your hips, knees or ankles hurt from walking, you may not have the right shoes.

2. Establish a time & place. Include when and where you will exercise as part of your weekly planning activity.

3. Find an exercise buddy

4. Overcome boredom. Engage in different kinds of activities.

5. Reward yourself & enjoy. Identify non food rewards when you successfully complete your exercise program. Upon completion of two weeks of consistent exercise, reward yourself with a new shirt or maybe a new cd download on itunes.

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