Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simply, more about moi...

It's just me for dinner tonight, so I decided to save money and use our current resources, I'd use what was in the fridge & make an adult version of the grilled cheese sandwhich. Now, this is by no means my attempt at a healthy dinner, but a frugal one. :)

Chicken Breast
Sundried Tomatoes
Goat Cheese (just a tad)
Cream Cheese
White Bread.

Load it up.

Next, I wanted to organize my cabinet with all of the spices. Yes, you're seeing this right. Yes, I did literally fill up an entire garbage bag with expired spices. A whole giant kitchen garbage bag. What a waste, huh? I've learned to buy smaller portions & better quality seasonings. As you can see when I got to the back of the seasonings, they are generic already totally dried out seasonings that expired atleast 1 to 5 years ago. I know, I should've organized my cabinet and thrown on spices before now. Well, I did! I just didn't ever even think that seasonings might have an expiration date.

Look at my seasoning shelves now :) What was once 3 shelves full of just spices pretty much, is now 1 shelf of spices, one shelf full of baking goods & the middle shelf will end up holding misc items.

Do you ever get really annoyed that you can't find a lid or a bowl to your tupperware? I always did. So, to resolve that issue, look what I did. I placed the lids ON the tupperware and after throwing away the ones that didn't have matches, I had just enough to full up this drawer. Love it.

In another effort to try & save money, I've taken a small ziploc bag & I'm putting coupons in it that my husband can use when hes working. Ultimately, he'll end up putting this in his cooler and using them when he can.



I LOVE this mixer....

I'm affraid to use it because I don't want it to get dirty...

I have wanted one since I was 20 years old...

omgosh. I own one & I can't believe it. :)

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