Monday, December 6, 2010

Simply have unused/unwanted make up?

Donate it to Project Beauty Share! Project Beauty Share is an initiative to collect cosmetics & beauty products and distribute them through local agencies to women of all ages whose circumstances do not allow them to afford these products.

The holidays is the perfect time to go through your unwanted make up and donate items that perhaps you received as a gift that you will not use.

Find out more by visiting their website...

"This morning a first time visitor to Our Place came in because a friend had recommended that she come. This young mother has never had the opportunity to give her children gifts for Christmas, nor to receive them herself. She was over whelmed with the idea that we could give her food and clothing and hygiene products. Then I told her about the Christmas Room where she could choose gifts for her children, and tears came to her eyes. The gesture that put her into an over load of gratitude came last. As we finished the "paperwork," I handed her a bag of cosmetics, gifted to Our Place by Project Beauty Share, and she started to cry and then just kept hugging me. Every time I ran into her she hugged me. I wish I could pass the hugs on to you, generous people who made the "extra" gift possible, and a young mother feel like a beautiful woman!"

Tracie Swanson

Our Place Community Ministries Development Director  

 What to donate:

Make up

Makeup Bags





Bar Soap

Feminine hygiene products

Combs & brushes

Shampoo & Conditioner


Perfume & body sprays

Hair styling products

Nail polish

Nail polish remover

Nail files


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