Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simply Beautiful Recipies...

Tis the season...To drink champagne and boy do I love champagne. Here are some fun champagne ideas I found online!

Passionfruit Sorbet - So easy just place half the sorbet in a blender with half the sparkling wine. Process until well combined. Pour into 4 chilled glasses.

Strawberry Kiwi - This one is a little more work but still so simple even the kids could do it. In a medium bowl, scoop out the insides of 2 cut kiwis with a regular teaspoon. Add cut strawberries and mash the fruit with the back of a fork until a fairly smooth paste is formed. Place about 1 tablespoon of the fruit paste in the bottom of each glass and fill with cider or Champagne. Garnish with the whole strawberries and sliced kiwi.

Raspberries and Amaretto - Mash the raspberries well with a fork, stir in the mint and put a teaspoon of this mixture into the bottom of each glass. Add the Rose Water and Amaretto, stir well and top up with the chilled champagne. Serve immediately.

Pomegranate juice - Just add 1 tablespoon to each glass.

Grapefruit juice - Just add 1 tablespoon to each glass.

There are so many fun, festive options - you can even come up with your own house signature champagne cocktail then pick a funny name like the Social Affliction or the Couture Buzz. Cheers!

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