Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simply Beautiful Bailey...R.I.P.

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
~Will Rogers

This morning we awoke to a horrible sight. Around 4:00am this morning, we smelled & heard something unsettling. Originally I thought maybe something was leaking or perhaps that I was just hearing things. Rob got out of bed at that moment & turned on the bathroom light so I knew atleast I wasn't hearing things. He let Bailey out & then told me that I might not want to look, but that she had been deficating blood.

Originally I didn't want to look. But the smell was so horrible, I think out of instinkt I wanted to see what had happened. I saw up in bed where I have a clear line of sight in to the kitchen & the kitchen floor. I couldn't believe it. Honestly, having just woken up, I couldn't fathem what had happened in our kitchen. I looked like a murder scene. No exageration.

Picture someone with a gallon jug of blood, pouring it randomly around your kitchen floors. You have a pretty good idea of what it looked like. I automatically felt so sick to my stomach. Like, almost puking sick. I got up to go to the bathroom because I really felt like I might lose it. Rob cleaned up the floor. Thank you for that. There was no way i could. He's stronger than me in the ability to stomach shit like that.

Then, all night, we let Bailey in, she'd have an accident, Rob would let her out. She'd bark till we would let her inside. Then Repeat. All morning.

My alarm came all too soon at 6:10am this morning. I got up and started to get ready to shower & Rob let Bailey out again. He then went to bed because he has to work this evening. While I showered I looked out the window at Bailey and saw what she was going through. It broke my heart. I was crying in the shower. I let her in, I let her out, again, repeat.

When it was time for me to leave for work, I opened the door to let her in before I had to go & I saw her laying in a hole we had in the ground from a pond we had dug up. I called her inside, laid her on the floor and cried. I said my good byes. I knew there was a chance that since I had to work, this would be the last time I see her.

I went to work & I wasn't there for long before I was excused to go home because I was in no shape to work.

I came home and Rob & I said goodbye to Bailey, again. Rob was taking her to the vet. We aren't stupid. We know when something is severely wrong with our pets. We don't have childen, so we've bonded very closely with our pets. We knew that whatever this was that was wrong with Bailey, she more than likely wasn't going to overcome it.

Rob was braver than I could ever be & took her in. The vet explained that it wasn't time to throw the towel in yet. That there was a parasite that had been going around in animals here and its possible that perhaps she has that. So we left Bailey at the vets for a few hours while they ran multiple tests.

Then, Rob got "the" call.

Basically, Bailey had sudden onset severe diabetes. Her organs were shutting down & she lost so much blood because her body was expelling what it could no longer process.

I can't type anymore... so I'll leave it at this...

Bailey, we were blessed to have found you. We fell in love with you when we adopted you, we fought to keep you. You brought so much silliness in to our lives with your adorable personality, your curiosity & ability to eat ANYTHING (a tub of butter, a jar of peanut butter, upwards of 50 loafs of bread over the years, godiva chocolate, coffee grounds, beeswax beads, ect...)... You were an adorable, affectionate, loving little angel who I'll never forget. I know you were a Papa's girl, but remember, I loved you with all my heart.


Till I see you again,



  1. This seriously made me cry its so sad. I am sorry you had to go through this and let me know if you need anything.

  2. I am so sorry, Brandy. It's always hard to lose any part of your family...and when you're an animal person, your family is usually a lot bigger and more complete. :) I'm sure you gave Bailey an amazing life and she will always be thankful to have been a part of a great family like yours...I'm sure you already are, but try to focus on the happiness you found in her and keep that as your memory of her. Keep your chin up ( at least as much as you can). Love you sweetheart!!!!

  3. My dear Rob & Brandy, It sounds to me like you two were the luckiest people in the whole wide world to have have been blessed to be a part of Bailey's life. Here's to Bailey you, gram Pat